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The album

IF BEETHOVEN WAS A PUNK is the title of the new WakeUpCall’s album!

What if Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner and the other big composers of classic music have been grown with Led Zeppelin, Ramones, Guns n Roses and Nirvana posters on their walls?

The new WakeUpCall album, If Beethoven Was a Punk, let us imagine this and much more…

Available from january 2017, the album consists of 9 traks which put together classic and rock music, with original results! These songs had inspired videos, stories, a graphic novel… Find out all the details of IBWAP project!

The app

”If Beethoven was an app” is a mix of rock and classic music, graphic novel and cultural deepening. In order to gather all these elements, we decided to develop an interactive app which involves the users in first person.

A dynamic experience through which is possible reading the comic, listening to the music, and knowing some couriosities about the protagonists of the story.







The comic

Everything started from music, around which it rotates the story of Alex, of his grandmother Muse and that of all the singular characters we can meet in the tale.

Each of us can reflect himself inside the dreams of a young boy, who would like to become a musician but is about to lose hope…

Alex is the main character of this story – he’s not crazy as the Pink of “The Wall” neither he suffers as the “Tommy” sung by The Who. But in his own way, Alex is an anti-hero as they were. Alex is less painful, but more resigned. He’s a symbol of his musical generation – he isn’t able to make something of himself. He’s talented but doesn’t want to become a “social network” personality. His grandma – a funny old lady, that was a groupie in the ‘60s – wants to help him. At the beginning she drags him to a boring classical musical, but then they’ll share an unforgettable night, that Alex won’t forget for the rest of his life. Among his grandma’s friends there are Ludwig van Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Händel, Chopin, Debussy, Čajkovskij, Vivaldi, Wagner, Vivaldi, Bizet, Rossini and Dvořák. This happy group is used to meet every evening to revel and play. They’ll teach Alex that in order to become famous he needs craziness and perseverance. And when you’re ready to risk, you can win any talent show…