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Made in Tomorrow

Made in Tomorrow was created as a company for the enhancement of goods and services through new technologies. Over time it has grown up and it has opened up to new areas, from communication to advertising, through video making and the production of multimedia projects. The digital world, in its endless declinations, is our guiding thread.

We use the tools of the present with the experience of the past, adding our vision of the future. Our company is first and foremost a place for sharing and exchanging ideas.


Made in Tomorrow deals with integrated communication and brand, services and products enhancement, bending the technology to the most diverse goals.

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WakeUpCall is a young rock band, but their members have been around, rockin’ the italian underground scene with their past projects, for years, even though their young age. Their music is a mix of passion for Rock, with lots of different shades, from Alternative to Punk, from Heavy to Pop.

They are now protagonists of an innovative project of graphic novel with their album “If Beethoven Was a Punk” released in january 2017.

WakeUpCall recorded their first 3 songs with american famous producer Beau Hill (who sold more than 50 milion of copies working with band such as Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton, Ratt….).
They started soon to hit the road, playing the biggest clubs all around Italy and Europe, playing also with international acts such as RED (Usa), Silverstein (Canada), Winger (Usa), Heaven’s Basement (UK), Crossfaith (Japan), Richie Kotzen (Usa), Tito & Tarantula (Usa), Scorpion Child (Usa), Far From Finished (Usa), and About Wayne, The Fire, Vanilla Sky, The Electric Diorama, Salmo, Shandon and Pino Scotto from Italy.
The band released their first EP recorded with italian great producer Maurizio Baggio (The Fire, Vanilla Sky, Pino Scotto) in January 2011, with their first video single “Before I Fall”. WakeUpCall were on tour in Italy and Europe for all 2011 to promote the EP which was reviewed from magazines and webzines all around the world as “a little Rock n Roll gem”. During summer 2012 they reached 100 shows in 2 years and ended the live season playing at italian MTV HITWEEK SUMMER 2012.
Back in the studio (January – March 2012) to record the first album: Batteries Are Not Included, released on October 2012 in Italy and on December 2012 in Germany, includes three new videos/singles: To Be, Just Wanna Dance and Let You Go. The three singles were played by italian, german and austrian radios and music televisions, especially Just Wanna Dance that get into the italian indie singles top chart. The band were on the road promoting their first album from December 2012 playing live shows around Europe.
June 2013, WakeUpCall are the protagonists of an italian famous bank commercial spot with their song “Batteries Are Not Included” and the spot get more than 100.000 views on youtube in only two weeks.
Autumn 2013, the band get back on road for a second european tour to support again the first album, playing also at the Rome’s Hard Rock Cafè 15th Anniversary and at Jam Rock festival 2014 in Czech Republic, collecting 150 shows through Italy, Switzerland, France, Corse, Netherland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithunia.
Virgin Radio Italy (biggest italian rock radio) selected WakeUpCall through more than 500 bands to play the final of the biggest italian battle of the bands organized by Virgin Radio and Hard Rock Cafè. The band played a great show at the Florence Hard Rock Cafè and they reached the position #3 through all Italy.
Original bass player and drummer decided to leave the band on September 2014 due to personal reasons, but WakeUpCall did not stop, as they come back once again on tour in Italy, Czech Republic and for the first time in Poland with a new line up. They also recorded 3 new songs released as singles along with music videos during 2015.
At the end of January 2015 the band left for 22 shows in one month: 9 shows in the UK and 13 shows in Russia. It was the first time the band played in Russia and it was such a great tour that in a couple of months WakeUpCall announced a new russian summer tour (12 shows through Russia and Siberia) and the tour was sponsored by Gibson Russia.
In 2015/2016 the band were on tour in Europe and Russia for 40 shows, but they also started to work on their second album, recorded between March and May 2016 and ready to be released in 2017: “If Beethoven Was A Punk”.



Tommaso Forni – Voce / Chitarra

Oliviero Forni – Chitarra / Cori

Antonio Aronne – Batteria

Badd Tripp – Basso / Cori

Arianna Vittoria Beffardi

From her early years, Arianna demonstrates a strong interest in art, receiving a classical art formation. Following her first galleries exhibitions, she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and Digital Arts, specializing in comic book design and writing, and subsequently obtaining a Master in the same Academy.

She is guest at numerous fairs such as Romics, Cartoon Village and Muso Festival; she organizes drawing workshops in the province of Rome and she is illustrator for many Roman bands, for the publishing house Eretica edizioni and other publishing houses of gdr. Her first publication as author of a Comic series is set for December 2016 inside Dazebao magazine. She has also some open collaborations with other publishers.

Ugo Bertotti


Ugo Bertotti was born in Trento, in 1954. He graduated at Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan. From Seventies he wrote and drew. His works have been translated in several countries. In 2012 he published the comic reportage “Femmes du Yémen” inside the French magazine XXI. In 2013 he published the graphic novel “Il mondo di Aisha”, Coconino Press, about the silent resistance of the women in Yemen. In 2016 his latest comic book “Vivere” was published too.